Edgar Award

A group of awards presented annually by the Mystery Writers of America for the best mystery fiction, non-fiction, television, film and theatre.

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Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
Ketchup Clouds Book - 2013 Little, Brown and Company TEEN FICTION Pitcher Annabel
Code Name Verity Book - 2012 Hyperion Books TEEN FICTION Wein Elizabet
The Silence of Murder Book - 2011 Alfred A. Knopf TEEN FICTION Mackall Dandi
The Interrogation of Gabriel James Book
Reality Check Book - 2009 HarperTeen TEEN FICTION Abrahams Peter
Paper Towns Book - 2008 Dutton Books TEEN FICTION Green John
Rat Life Book
Buried Book
Last Shot
A Final Four Mystery
Book - 2005 Knopf Distributed by Random House J MYSTERY Feinstei John
In Darkness, Death Book
Acceleration Book - 2003 Wendy Lamb Books TEEN FICTION McNamee Graham
Wessex Papers, Vols. 1-3 Book
The Boy in the Burning House Book - 2001 Farrar, Straus, and Giroux TEEN FICTION Wynne-Jo Tim
Counterfeit Son Book
Never Trust a Dead Man Book
Killer's Cousin Book
Ghost Canoe Book - 1997 Morrow Junior Books J MYSTERY Hobbs Will
Twisted Summer Book
Prophecy Rock Book
Toughing It Book
Name of the Game Was Murder Book
A Little Bit Dead Book
The Weirdo Book
Mote Book
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