Christy Award

A group of books awards presented annually in the U.S. to recognize novels of excellence written from a Christian worldview.

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A Note Yet Unsung
Book - 2017 Winner, Historical Romance, 2017
Nominees: Tamera Alexander
FICTION Alexande Tamera 01/2017
Available in some locations
Her One and Only
Book - 2016 Winner, Contemporary Romance/suspence, 2017
Nominees: Becky Wade
FICTION Wade Becky 05/2016
Available in some locations
Long Way Gone
Book - 2016 Winner, Book Of The Year, 2017
Nominees: Charles Martin
FICTION Martin Charles 10/2016
Available in some locations
Stars in the Grass
Book - 2017 Winner, First Novel, 2017
Nominees: Ann Marie Stewart
813/.6 23
Available in some locations
The Long Journey to Jake Palmer
Book - 2016 Winner, Visionary, 2017
Nominees: James L. Rubart
FICTION Rubart James 08/2016
Available in some locations
The Mark of the King
Book - 2017 Winner, Historical, 2017
Nominees: Jocelyn Green
FICTION Green Jocelyn 02/2017
Available in some locations
The Promise of Jesse Woods
Book - 2016 Winner, Contemporary, 2017
Nominees: Chris Fabry
FICTION Fabry Chris 10/2016
Available in some locations
The Silent Songbird
Book - 2016 Winner, Young Adult, 2017
Nominees: Melanie Dickerson
YA FICTION Dickerso Melanie 11/2016
Available in some locations
When Death Draws Near
Book - 2016 Winner, Suspense, 2017
Nominees: Carrie Stuart Parks
FICTION Parks Carrie 08/2016
Available in some locations
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Book - 2015 Winner, Contemporary Series, 2016
Nominees: Beth K. Vogt
FICTION Vogt Beth 06/2015
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