The Generals
The Generals American Military Command From World War II to Today By Ricks, Thomas E. Book - 2012

StarGladiator pretty much hit the nail on the head with his review. Author Ricks himself saw much of the problem as touched upon in his book "Fiasco", but then himself gets caught up in the Petraeus mystique as evidenced by Ricks' follow-up book "Gamble". (And as recent events have shown, the "surge" was only to buy us time to get out of Iraq, a withdrawal negotiated by the Bush administration with the Iraqi National Government, then he - Petraeus - accomplished nothing in Afghanistan, and after engineering an appointment as the CIA Director was dumped after a few months when his adulterous affair with a junior officer, authoring his biography, came out... oh yes, and the FBI and DOJ is currently looking at indictments against Petraeus for releasing highly secret information, while CIA Director, to his "sweetie"). Petraeus, just another in a long line of military commanders who worship Ego, Ambition, and the "3 Ps"... Power, Perks, and Privileges!

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