The Generals
The Generals American Military Command From World War II to Today By Ricks, Thomas E. Book - 2012

As someone who has always thought highly of Gen. Marshall, it is good to read a book that in many ways compares him to his contemporaries as well as those whom have followed afterwards. Today's military is strictly political and frankly I don't see how it could NOT be given the budgets and the aversion of serious self-evaluation. I write this review the same week there is a report out that the Army can't account for a trillion dollars (with a T) and yet it isn't even front page news. Is it any wonder the leaders of such an organization are utterly incompetent in many ways and work within a system that promotes lies and does NOT reward competency?

Before I go on a longer rant, the book covers many generals and not just the very top tier of the defense establishment. From WWII through present day and Ricks does not seem to pull any punches. I do think he seems to view Patraeus too favorably, but obviously that is just my opinion.

But he does go a long way to explaining why since WWII the US has not actually won a war. Battles, yes. Wars, no.

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